Lord Govinda, an epitome of divinity and benevolence, is revered as the primal GOD of planet Earth.

His presence transcends time and space, guiding devotees on the path of righteousness and spiritual awakening.

Let us delve into the magnificence of Lord Govinda and understand the essence of his divine grace.

Abode of the Lord

Lord Govinda’s celestial abode is nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of 7 Hills, in the spiritual city of Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.

This sacred pilgrimage site attracts millions of devotees from all corners of the world, seeking solace and divine blessings.

The sanctity of this location emanates an aura of tranquility and profound spirituality.

Bhudevi and Laxmidevi

Lord Govinda is often depicted with his divine consorts, Bhudevi and Laxmidevi.

Bhudevi, the Goddess of Earth, represents fertility and sustenance, while Laxmidevi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, symbolizes abundance and auspiciousness.

Together, they embody the fundamental aspects of creation and nurture the universe with their boundless grace.

How to get in touch with Lord

Devotees can establish a profound connection with Lord Govinda through sincere prayers, unwavering devotion, and selfless love.

The Tirumala temple serves as the gateway to reach the divine presence of the Lord.

Pilgrims undertake arduous journeys, often on foot, to seek his blessings and experience a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Importance of Lord

Lord Govinda holds paramount importance in Hindu mythology, where he is considered the Supreme Being and the source of all creation. His benevolent nature and compassionate disposition have earned him the epithet of “The Lord of Love.”

Devotees believe that by surrendering to Lord Govinda, they attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death, thereby achieving spiritual emancipation.

The teachings of Lord Govinda emphasize the values of love, forgiveness, and empathy. His divine message encourages people to lead a virtuous life, aligning their actions with dharma (righteousness).

In times of adversity, his divine presence instills unwavering faith, providing solace and strength to his devotees.


May Lord Govinda’s divine grace continue to illuminate our hearts and souls, guiding us towards the eternal path of truth and enlightenment.

Let us imbibe his teachings into our lives, spreading love and kindness wherever we go.

For in the love of Lord Govinda lies the key to unlocking the highest potential of our existence.

Govinda Govinda Govinda.

About us

We are a family of devotees of Lord Govinda. There are numerous blessings bestowed upon us through the many miracles and mercy of Srinivasa Venkatesha.

This website is a humble gift to the Lord from us.

50% of the profit earnings from this website are contributed towards Srivari Hundi at Tirumala Temple.

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